The crossover king Capcom mixed it up with Marvel, slugged it out with SNK, took on Tatsunoko, and had Pheonix Wright take on Professor Layton, and now, they’re going to……vindicate it with Valve? Well, not exactly, but this is almost just as cool.

Valve and Capcom is preparing free crossover DLC for both the upcoming PC version of Resident Evil 6 (set to release next Tuesday) and the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 which will bring the two games over in a mini-crossover. The four survivors from L4D2 will be playable in the PC exclusive mode No Mercy, which will feature two of L4D’s enemies, the Witch and the Mini Tank. L4D2 players meanwhile will have to take on three enemies from RE6; Lepotitsa, Napad and Ogroman. The new content will be downloaded in the background on April 5th.

So while I realize RE6 wasn’t very well received when it was released to consoles last fall and probably won’t be well received on PC either, at least Capcom is throwing a decent amount of support behind the PC version, and you usually don’t see that with console-to-PC ports. Maybe this will be the start of a bigger relationship between Capcom and Valve. Who knows? We might even see Mega Man X Portal, Street Fighter X Team Fortress 2, Breath of Fire X Defense of the Ancients, or even Darkstalkers X Garry’s Mod. As for now, Capcom is hoping to give RE6 a second chance at un-life on PC.

By the way, if you preorder it from Steam, you get a free playable copy of Resident Evil 5, a free digital arttbook and soundtrack, and a free season pass. So if you haven’t been scared off by the console reviews, you can get some pretty sweet extras.