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Beyond Good & Evil 2 A Reality

Ubisoft showed this scene with no set up and no announcement at their Ubidays Conference today. While clever game journalists were quick to identify “The Pig” as Uncle Pey’j from Beyond Good & Evil, theres very little happening in this preview. Is the unseen woman with the umbrella Jade? Wheres the aliens? Wasn’t their world mostly covered with water?
Its possible that the game isn’t not going to be called “Beyond Good & Evil 2” but without a doubt, we’re actually getting a sequel. Fans, you actually won this one. Ubisoft listened to demand and now even though BG&E wasn’t a platnium seller, we’re going to get a next gen follow up. Lets make sure this one sells well so we won’t have to spend 4+ years worrying about whether the story gets told.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still Moving

It has been over TWO YEARS since I spoke about Beyond Good & Evil 2! I’d forgotten about it, and simply chalked the lack of news to it being a bad rumor.
Well creator Michel Ancel hasn’t forgotten, and according to JeuxVideo (another French site!): Beyond Good & Evil 2 en préproduction. Why hasn’t it been officially announced? Ubisoft hasn’t given it the greenlight. This cult hit from last gen didn’t make the publisher the kind of money they wanted so they’re hesitant. I think gamers are getting more savvy and a theres not reason a cult game can’t become a big hit, like Bioshock did only a year ago.

Never played the classic original? You’re in luck. GameTap has it available now, and its available on PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and PC, so you have to be able to play it on something you’ve got there. Its an action adventure in the same mold as Zelda with great characters, puzzles, acting, gameplay variety, and art direction. Its actually better than Wind Waker.

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