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Happy 25th Birthday to the Nintendo Game Boy


April 21, 1989 saw the release of the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan. Bundled with Tetris in the North American market, the system would go on to dominate the mobile gaming market and give Nintendo a lead that they have not lost since.

I still have my original Game Boy and many of it’s games. Share your memories of the system and your favorite games in the comments!

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SDCC 2011: Halo Anniversary “Silent Cartographer” Demo Video

The original Halo is a memorable game for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the best example of the game and the best introduction one could be given to the universe is the level “The Silent Cartographer.”

Master Chief John 117 and a crew of marines are dropped on to a beach with a wide variety of Covenant enemies at the ready. This level also features the music commonly thought of as the “Halo Theme”

The demo shows a talked about feature: Classic mode. Tapping the “back” button on your Xbox controller will swap the new graphics for the original 2001 graphics. Honestly, I think the game looks pretty good either way, and the classic mode really does more to show off what they could accomplish with new textures and a few layers added on to the old engine.

This demo is what was originally shown behind closed doors at E3 last month, but is being shown to everyone at San Diego ComiCon.

If you Pre-Order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, you’ll get a bonus in game, the “Grunt Funeral Skull.” What does it do? Well, here is a video…. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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KEEP PLAYING: Rewind – Sonic 20th Anniversary (Part 1)

As of today, it is officially Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th birthday. No longer a speedy teen, Sonic has had his fair share of trials as he’s grown. Since June 23rd, 1991, Sonic has helped catapult Sega into fame, and also helped drag it to its current fate. Despite this, he’s survived it all, and still manages to run his way through the several potholes his franchise has gone through.

With This episode, I go through the past 20 years of Sonic with a little help from a guest. It got to be so big a project, I had to split it into two parts. Here’s Part 1, and be sure to look out for Part 2 coming shortly.

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