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Spider-Man Edge Of Time Trailer

It was only a week ago that Edge Of Time was announced, now we have a look at the (early) game in motion.

They’re going to need to tighten the graphics on level 3, but at the very least Beenox has trimmed the game to the 2 most important Spider-man variations from Shattered Dimensions: Amazing and 2099. The time line jumping details haven’t been discolosed, but that last shot (see the image to the left) shows that at least one portion of the game will have Miguel O’Hara and Peter Parker meeting (morbidly).

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Spider-man: Edge of Time announced

A new Spider-man game has been announced from Activision and developer Beenox called Edge of Time. This will feature both Spider-man and Spider-man 2099. The game centers around the death of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-man and how Spider-man 2099, Miguel O’Hara’s very own dark and catastrophic future is a direct result of Parker’s death. Gameplay will center on Miguel traveling back in time to cause change and moving forward in time to determine the effect. Its a neat concept that has led to many great stories in fiction, but could easily get very convoluted. Fortunately, the game is in good hands with Peter David writing the story. David is not only a comic book writing veteran, but he was also the long time scribe on the Spider-man 2099 series.

Attendees at WonderCon, this weekend, will apparently get the first look at the new game.

Consider me excited for more Spider-man 2099!

[via Kotaku]

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Goodbye, Bizarre Creations

On February 18, Bizarre Creations officially closed its doors. Activison purchased the studio in 2007, and after 2 underperforming games (Blur and James Bond: Bloodstone), they decided to shut the group down. Previously, Bizarre had a stellar track record, including the Project Gotham Racing series for Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360.
Bizarre can also be credited with creating the success of Xbox Live Arcade and downloadable console games in general. Geometry Wars Retro Evolved was an early hit, and at only $5 sold very well and helped pave the way for the hundreds of score attack and arcade style games that now populate the service.
There is little doubt that without Bizarre the Xbox platform would not be what it is today. Not even close. It is a shame that their move to Activision and producing for the PS3 as well resulted in closure so quickly.
(official site) (wikipedia)

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