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$20 Game of the Week: Shovel Knight (Windows, Linux, Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS4, PS Vita)


Many indie games that have been released within the past few years channel the spirit of 8 and 16-bit classics via retro-styled gameplay, simplistic graphics, or both. Shovel Knight does more than simply pay homage. Developer Yacht games developed it’s 2014 debut as if were a Nintendo title, limited graphics palette, chiptune soundtrack, limited button scheme, and all. The game was inspired by classic titles such as Mega Man, Castlevania, and Zelda II among others. Playing as Shovel Knight, you explore a fantasy landscape as you make your way to a mysterious evil tower to rescue your one-time partner, Shield Knight. Shovel Knight’s shovel is used to attack enemies, break down barriers, and dig up treasures. You’ll run into several bosses, and between levels you can visit a town to purchase new abilities, upgrade your character, and interact with townsfolk. Had this game been released on the original NES, it would have been fondly remembered as one of the system’s top games alongside games like Contra, Punch Out, and Super Mario Brothers. As it is, this game is one of 2014’s best titles. Fans of classic gaming will definitely want to check it out, as it will make them reminiscent of the games of their youth. Newer gamers will want to check it out as well to see why exactly it is we still love those classic NES titles.

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Lost Classics: Kung Fu Heroes (NES)

Kung Fu Heroes is an NES port of an arcade game called Chinese Hero. Either playing alone or with a friend, players take control of Jacky and Lee as they try to rescue the princess. Each level takes place on a singular screen as you beat up waves of enemies and find hidden bonuses. It isn’t a very complex game, but it is fun and colorful, even if the characters are depicted somewhat stereotypical. It’s the first installment of Culture Brain’s “Super Chinese” video game franchise, or as we know it over here, Ninja Boy. Unlike later installments of the game, it contains no RPG elements. Even so, I can think of worse 8-bit titles to spend an afternoon with.

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