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Serenity Returns To Theaters For Charity

Last year, Joss Whedon’s follow-up to brilliant-but-cancelled Firefly was given a special global re-release to support the charity Equality Now. They raised over $65,000, and they had such a good time, they’re doing it again.

Starting June 23rd, 50 cities will hold special screenings of Serenity with the aim of raising $100,000! Tickets are already on sale, and a screening last night in Dublin has already pulled in over $4300. Check here for cities and to buy tickets.

Dirty secret: Though I’m a fan of Firefly, I’ve never seen this movie. But its playing this Saturday and for a good cause, so I have to go!

Full Press Release follows [Read the rest of this entry…]

$20 Game of the week and lost classics special: Spider-man video games

Spider-man 3 TeaserAs you no doubt know, Spider-man returns to theaters this weekend in a big way. In honor of his return, this week’s extended Lost Classics and $20 GOTW will take a look at some of the best games featuring the web slinger. So click below for some interactive web slinging action.
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How To Be A Better Gamer

Courtesy the good folks at Video Gaiden, a video game show on BBC Scotland. Rab leads a rant on gamer stereotypes, the truth behind them, and what you can do to break them.

Did you know BBC Scotland had a video game show? Its quite good, and you can find many segments online. I don’t suppose a US channel would step up to import something like this, or maybe show it on BBC America?

Robot Chicken does Star Wars


In honor of the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken will dedicate an entire episode toward the film classic.

CNN reports that its got George Lucas involved, as well as Mark Hamill who will reprise his role as Luke Skywalker in the stop motion animated satire. The rest of the voice cast is decidedly un-Star Wars, with Conan O’Brien, Joey Fatone, and Hulk Hogan. Lucasfilm will also provide the authentic sound files for Chewbacca and R2D2.

Source: Lucas, Hamill reunite for ‘Star Wars’ spoof

I’m Power Girl, Dammit

Power Girl and Oracle try to have a conversation, but Bizarro keeps interrupting.

Fan Film director Chris Notarile has created a pretty wide variety of DC comics inspired shorts, featuring some of the best and brightest from the good ol’ days of Justice League International. After the jump see Blue Beetle and Booster Gold deliver a public service announcement, Flash gets a speeding ticket, and Maxwell Lord endorses Advil. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Toy Fair 2007 Day 1 & 2

Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee in action. All this can be yours for only ninety US dollars.

Theres a lot of ground to cover here, with 2 days of the show already come and gone… [Read the rest of this entry…]

Stikfas gets Evangelion license

Coming in Summer of 2007, Stikfas licensed Evangelion kits will be coming out to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise that took Japan by storm. Stikfas and GAINAX worked out nearly all the red tape so that these would come out to coincide with the release of the new series of animated movies, “Rebuild of Evangelion”.

Stikfas put up a couple of teaser images of the preliminary designs.

Stikfas Concept Art for Evangelion 2 Stikfas Concept Art for Evangelion 1

Powetfull Pumpkins

All of us at would like to wish you a safe and happy Halloween. To celebrate the occaison, many of our members have shared their own unique pumpkin carvings.

bmxbot shares a Green Lantern logo and Hello Kitty pumpkin with us:
bmxbot's Pumpkin - Dark bmxbot's Pumpkin - Light

e.kohli‘s girlfriend carved this dragon:
e.kohli Dragon

xCharonx does the inevitable, given the number of trannies around this place, and gives us a decepticon logo:
xCharonx's Decepticon Logo Pumpkin xCharonx's Decepticon Logo Pumpkin - Dark xCharonx's Decepticon Logo Pumpkin - Zoom

SparkStalker shows us some pictures of pumpkins of past Halloweens with this skull carving and violently impaled pumpkin head:
SparkStalker's Skull - Dark SparkStalker's Skull - Light
SparkStarker's Impaled Pumpkin 1 SparkStalker's Impaled Pumpkin - Zoom SparkStalker's Impaled Pumpkin 2

And I try my luck at a Sailor Moon pumpkin:
aDam's Sailor Moon Pumpkin - Back aDam's Sailor Moon Pumpkin - Front aDam's Sailor Moon Pumpkin - Glow

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