Above you can see all the switch titles that are scheduled for release this year. As you can see, the Switch will have something for everyone this year. Check below the jump to see details about 3 of the system’s more interesting titles.

Super Bomberman R

The classic multiplayer party game comes to Nintendo Switch as a launch title. Featuring a story mode with 50 levels and a 8-player multiplayer mode, Super Bomberman R will once again bring gamers around their consoles just to ruin friendships.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers

Because we clearly don’t have enough versions of Street Figher 2, here is another version of SFII. Just in time for teh 25 year anniversary of the SNES version of Street Fighter 2, USFII brings back all the fighters from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and adds in two ‘new’characters: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken (last seen in SVC Chaos). The game will also feature sprites similar to SSFIIT HD Remix with the version to switch back to teh classic pixelated look. The game will also feature a 2-player co-op dramatic battle mode, last seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3. There will be more modes to be announced. While I would rather have some ‘newer’ fighters in the game (i.e Yun and Yang, Sakura, Cody, or Guy), instead of an alternate Ken and Ryu, Ultra Street Fighter 2 will be an excellent throwback to the SNES classic.


Due out later in March, SnipperClips is a co-op puzzle game. Players can cut each other and rotate as needed to solve various puzzles. These range from simple scenarios such as fitting inside a shape, moving objects, and more complex physics-based puzzles. It looks quirky and fun, and is a great way to get players to learn to cooperate.

There are several other games coming to switch, but this is a small amount. What do you think about these games, along with the others you’ve seen so far? Hit us up in the comments below.