The Nintendo NX, or rather the switch was finally revealed today. Check out the trailer above and check out the details after the jump.

It looks like the rumors have been confirmed. The Switch will be a console/handheld hybrid with detachable controls. Players can attach the system to a base unit which connects to a tv to allow home play. They can lift it out of the base unit and reattach the controls to take it on the road. The portable unit has its own build-in stand. Speaking of the unit, it will be powered by Nvidia hardware, including a custom Tegra processor. The system has two typec of controllers. In addition to the detachable Joy-con controllers, there will also be a pro controller that’s similar to the design of the Xbox One controller.


Several games were shown for the system, including a few surprises. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was shown (as we already knew this was headed for switch), a new Mario title was shown, along with Mario Kart and Splatoon. However, it was unknown if the latter two were ports or new titles. We also saw what looked like Skyrim and a basketball game, possibly NBA 2k. Again, it’s unknown if these games were tech demos or actual ports, but it looks like the Switch will have some decent third party support this time around. The image below is a list of companies pledging Switch support:


We see many of the usual suspects (Capcom, Konami, Sega) and we also see some surprises, such as Epic and From Software. With the system due in March, there are still many unknowns such as price and launch line-up.