Sony showed off its upcoming lineup last night, and it was impressive. Much of it was dedicated to it’s upcoming VR platform, and they had several surprises in store. Check out the presentation above and click after the jump for news and trailers. Check out later this week for more E3 news and tell us what you think in the comments.

The Last Guardian is Really Coming out! Really! For Realz! It will even be out this October!

First and foremost, The Last Guardian is finally being released, and it will come out this October! As rumored, God of War will receive a Nordic-themed reboot. The demo showed off a familiarly-painted man taking his son hunting and battling trolls. Apparently, Sony has a thing for post-apocalyptic gaming, as it showed off not one, but two games that take place after the end. Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic survival game that puts players in the role or a former member of a biker gang while Horizon Zero Dawn, which we saw last year, pitted primitive cavemen against machines. We also saw more of Quantic Dream’s (Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain) Blade Runner-esque Detroit: Become Human. Taking place in an alternate future where andoinds live aongside humans, Detroit will allow player’s choices to shape the story similar to Quantic’s other titles.

On the third party front, we saw some of Call of DUty Infinite Warfare. Of course there was an even bigger surprise, as Resident Evil 7 has officially been announced. Not only that, it’s on tap for this January, and PS plus users can download a demo right now!

Sony’s entry in the VR arena, Playstation VR is due out this fall for $399. Several games are headed exclusively to the unit, and several more will include VR capabilities. Rocksteady is releasing Batman: Arkham VR for the unit. The game will make use of the VR unit to let players tap into the Dark Knight’s detective skills. FInal Fantasy XV and the aforementioned Resident Evil 7 will be receiving VR components as well. Another VR demo was a version of Star Wars Battlefront that put players in the cockpit of an X-wing, something that Star Wars fans will certainly love. Sony also showed off a sci-fi game called Farpoint.


Remember Crash Bandicoot? Naughty Dog developed the orange Marsupial as Sony’s answer to Mario and Sonic. Although things didn’t quite end up that way, Sony still has love for the Orange guy, as Crash Bandicoot, Crash 2, and Crash Warped will receive HD remasters. Also, Crash will appear in this fall’s Skylanders: Imaginators.

Kojima Productions was on hand to show off it’s PS4 exclusive, Death Stranding, starring Norman Reedus. Although nothing was revealed about the gameplay, story, or anything else, the trailer has had people talking. Here’s hoping DS can capture the same magic that Kojima did with games like Snatcher, Zone of the Enders, and Metal Gear.

Speaking of exclusives, Sony is partnering with Marvel and Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive) to create a Playstation 4-exclusive Spider-man game. This comes as a surprise to say the least. The last full priced MArvel COnsole games were the Traveler’s Tales Lego Games, and Marvel’s gaming division has been focused primarily on free-to-play mobile. The game is unrelated to next year’s Spider-man Homecoming movie. The action in the trailer looks intense. If the gameplay can keep up, Marvel may have its version of Arkham Asylum.

Sadly, there was no mention of the PS Vita. Like last year’s E3, it’s kinda just…there. Of course third party developers and publishers still support the system, so if it wasn’t for them, the Vita would have been dead a long time ago. Even with lack of Vita coverage, PS definitely took over E3 this year. From the sheer level of exclusives to the new VR, Sony has something for everyone going into 2017.

Days Gone

God Of War


Detroit: Become Human