As you know, next week is E3, the wonderful time of the year where we get hyped up for games that we won’t see for at least another 4 months. We can only guess what surprises that Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, along with several major publishers and developers will have in store for gamers this year. However, today sees a couple of huge potential leaks: One, being a cel-shaded Transformers brawler and the other being new DLC for Smash Brothers. Unless and until they are confirmed at E3, these two rumors should only be taken as little more than speculation, even if we have screenshots.

Transformers Devastation ?

The site Pure Xbox has gotten hold of a series of screenshots from an unnamed source at Activision depicting a Transformers beat-em-up that could possibly be announced at E3 next week. According to the unnamed source, the game, entitled Transformers Devastation, will definitely be coming to Xbox 360, although there is no reason to believe that the game won’t be hitting Xbox One as well as Sony’s consoles. The cel-shaded look is reminiscent of the 80s cartoon series. If this is true, (provided we’re not merely seeing footage of a canceled title) and the action and story are of the same quality as the graphics, then the game will no doubt be a hit with Transformers fans.

Ryu and Roy Coming to Smash Brothers?
Back in April, an Reedit user named shinyquagsire23 claimed to have data-mined audio files which contained references to Street Fighter’s Ryu, and Fire Emblem’s Roy (who was last seen in Melee). This morning, footage has leaked onto youtube (courtesy of users Memescreen and TripleXero showing classic mode endings from Roy…

and Ryu.

In addition to that, Reedit users have claimed to have data-mined a Japanese update which contains new artwork and models showing new trophies (including one from Splatoon), alternate character colors for Ryu and Roy, Mii costumes, and a Street Fighter II themed level for Ryu. The new Mii costumes include Zero, Megaman.exe, and even Tekken’s Heihachi Virtua Fighter’s Akira and Pai. It’s surprising to see Virtua Fighter content on a Nintendo system seeing as how the game never had much of a presence on Nintendo’s consoles.

We can only speculate as to the accuracy of this claim. Don’t forget, there was a hoax that Rayman was going to be a playable character. Then again shinyquagsire23 also said that he discovered audio files referencing Lucas, who was confirmed as being a future downloadable character in the game.

Anyway, until we hear from Nintendo and Activision regarding these rumors, they should be taken as nothing more than pure speculation. Make sure you come back here next week for the latest E3 coverage.