Famicom Dojo Podcast 76: Digital Apocalypse Now

When we first started this podcast, we thought the DLC Apocalypse would be a generation or two off, but if Microsoft has its way (and Sony decides to follow suit next week at E3), it’ll be a lot sooner than anyone wanted. Any gamers, anyway. Microsoft seems pretty happy to keep us in the dark (or they did until the day before this podcast was posted). With disc DRM and a persistent internet connection prevalent on everyone’s minds — even leading to Adam Orth leaving the company — you’d think Microsoft’s messaging would be more on-target. Now they won’t even answer press questions before or after their E3 events. What’s going on? In what world does this make sense? Vinnk is back to discuss with Sean the the consequences of having an unclear PR strategy, holding things too closely to the figurative chest, hanging gamers out to try. We also decide to let loose with a few Famicom Dojo announcements of our own, including a Kickstarter for a Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD, a new YouTube channel, and plans for the video series this year in the 30th Anniversary of the Famicom. Plus, the actual pronunciation of “Tengen”!

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