Because that'll really perk up Wii U sales!

Because it’s not already confusing enough that Nintendo has two barely-different SKUs out there in most territories, Nintendo of Japan will be releasing a white variation of their 32 GB Premium Wii U model on July 13th of this year.

Everything from the original premium set that was black is now white, with the exception of the GamePad stand and charging cradle.

While for now the Premium and Basic sets will both be available at retail, one hopes this would mean the eventual end of the Basic model altogether so that the only choice you would have to make when buying a Wii U is what color it is.

At least we know it doesn’t charge you to play used games.

Hopefully moves like this are forthcoming in Europe and North America.

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Do you want to see a white Deluxe Wii U set in the US, and the end to the Basic set? Do you even want a Wii U? Already go black and wish you could go back? Leave a comment below!