Social Media on Wii U Miiverse (Nintendo Direct)

Miiverse integration with smart phones is finally arriving! After being teased in a Nintendo Direct video after E3 last year, Nintendo will be exposing the hooks for Miiverse integration on non-Wii U devices this spring. But that’s not all!

In addition to being able to use Miiverse from outside your Wii U, Nintendo is upgrading the service with other new features, including the ability to use (or create?) multiple communities for the same title. Games like Wii Fit U will also have private communities that presumably will allow you do discuss your fitness goals only with the people who you want to actually see such intimate details about yourself.

You will also be able to apply filtering to your Miiverse experience. Right now, as there is only one community per game, you see absolutely everyone who posts. That also includes everyone in the world, as there is only one community per game, including those who don’t speak the same language as you! This filtering ability will likely allow you to filter out users by region, language mode, your friends list, and probably other settings.

How does that interact with the multiple communities? Good question. Perhaps the filters act as separate communities, or we will continue to have the main “catch-all” community that’s filterable, and there might be others created around specific themes not available in the filter list. For example “Pro Gamers Only” or “The Famicom Dojo Discussion Roundtable Group”. (Hey, it could happen!)

No firm date on the release of this feature in Japan, the US, or the rest of the world as yet. Stay tuned to Powet.TV for more details as they emerge, when we can fix some of the rampant speculation in this story!

(Are you excited to use Miiverse on your iPhone, Android, or tablet? What do you hope these multiple communities and filters will provide? Let us know your reactions below!)