This is the third of our special series of horror-related $20GOTW for the month of October.

Developed by Jasper Bryne, Lone Survivor is a 2D-pixelated survival horror game which places an emphasis on survival and sanity. You are a nameless character who wears a surgical mask. You are stuck in an apartment in a middle of an outbreak which has caused people to turn into mindless mutants. You have to explore the apartment and find other survivors. However, you’ll have to find food and sleep in order to stay alive and maintain your sanity. You will be beset by strange hallucinations, and at times, it will be difficult to tell what’s real and what isn’t. You find weapons and ammo, but a lot of times it’s a better idea to hide from enemies rather than take them on. You’ll constantly be playing against the clock, as not only do you have to find items needed to proceed, but you’ll also have to find food and sleep on a regular basis. You’ll gain one of several endings depending on how you proceed in the world. While Lone Survivor looks like it would fit on the Super Nintendo, it’s disturbing and unique enough to fit in with today’s survival horror.