Care Bears Welcome to Care-a-Lot - Beastly banging on a cowbell

The new Care Bears show “Welcome to Care-a-Lot” has been airing on The Hub since the begining of the month. Though the show does not seem to have attracted an adult audience like the Hub’s other show My Little Pony has, it’s nice to see that they’re still making an effort to include completely obscure references that would be completely lost on the target demographic. In last week’s episode “Show of Shyness” the human of the week Phoebe is performing in a concert with the “shady” Beastly on drums. Harmony encourages him by saying “Beastly, I gotta have more cowbell!”. This would be reference to the iconic Saturday night live skit in which Christopher Walken encourages Blue Öyster Cult to include “More cowbell” in “Don’t Fear The Reaper”. Check out a short clip of the scene:

The full episode is currently on the Hub’s web site, though it won’t remain online for long as it will likely be replaced with the latest episode later this week. The quote in question occurs in the 20th minute of the episode.