Beastly will appear in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot

With the June 2nd premiere of Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot only a week away we have found an early review of the pilot episode “Compassion—-NOT!” by The Rock Father.

Beastly from Care Bears

Fans have been wondering if favourite villain charcters like Beastly, Shreeky and No Heart from the 80s Nelvana cartoon would be making an appearance and it can now be confirmed that a villain named Beastly will indeed be in the show. Based on his appearance it doesn’t seem like much more than the name will be similar to the old character, but we will know more in a week’s time.

NOT! - Wayne's World

The episode’s title “Compassion—-NOT!” is delightfully trendy with it’s reference to 1992’s most annoying catch phrase, the Wayne’s World inspired “Not!”. The plot seems to be split between a girl named Penny who visits Care-A-Lot and Grumpy Bear getting up to some antics. Check out the review for a full summary.