This week’s Lost Classics takes a look back at a classic, yet underrated gaming device. Before FPS games became the norm, this is how we got up close and personal to do some blasting.

The Super Scope was the successor to Nintendo’s Zapper, which bought long hours of Duck Blasting joy to the NES. Shaped like a bazooka, and with more inputs than other gaming light guns, the Super Scope was one of the coolest light guns available on a gaming system. Due to the fact that like many gaming add-ons, there wasn’t much of a demand for it, as there weren’t that many games published that required the gun. However, of the small selection that was, there were some surprisingly cool titles that utilized the super scope. Battle Clash (and it’s sequel Metal Combat) was a mech fighting game in which the Super Scope was used to fight enemy mechs. Yoshi’s Safari was a fun game that utilized mode 7 effects as Mario battled against the Koopa kids on Yoshi’s back. There was also a solid port of the Terminator 2 arcade game. By far, one of the best Super Scope 6 games was the 6 pack that came with the device. It featured 2 versions of Blastris, which was a Tetris-style game, whack-a-mole, and LazerBlazer, a set of 3 missile-command style games that had players repelling an alien invasion. A few years after the release of the Super Scope, Sega attempted to compete with their Menacer, but most of the games available for it were for Sega Mega-CD (Genesis + Sega CD + 32X), and even less games were developed for it than the Super Scope. Even though it may have been a failure of sorts, the Super Scope bought original shoot-em-up arcade-style action to the 16-bit age.