Captain Genius said “We should have done a Halloween show!” but what he didn’t realize is he was saying this in the middle of October so we had plenty of time to make one. And here it is!

We talk some regular news for the first half and then dish out Halloweens Cool Beans! Also, Smurfs.

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Direct Link:Powetcast 108: Hello, Ween.

Show Notes
Girls Generation: The Boys
Live Action Tron
IDW Infestation 2
Gears of War expansion 1, 2
Attack The Block trailer
Games: Alan Wake, Eternal Darkness, Amnesia The Dark Descent, Ace Combat
“Les Schtroumpfs noirs” – The first zombie apocalypse?
Purple Smurfs
Katy Perry in Smurfette Dress
Smurfette 1, 2
CDC- Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic (full comic)
Nightmare Fuel Pokemon
“Fantasy” by DyE
C16 Says / Ernie Is Funny
Paranormal Blacktivity


“Round Two, Bruv” by Basement Jaxx
“Dare To be Stupid” by Weird Al Yankovic