Note: the embedded video has lots of footage of Uncharted 3, but youtube’s frustrating thumbnail system only allowed my mug peering over a steering wheel to be the still image before you hit play.

Sony and Naughty Dog have stepped up their promotion of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception to a new level. In events held at movie theaters in 5 cities, they held multiplayer tournaments, showed new single player events, and had developers on hand to answer fan questions.

I attended the Oct 19 event at Tysons Corner (just outside of Washington DC) and got hands on time with the game and captured several minutes of the open theater game play. As you’ll be able to tell from the video above, 20 Playstation 3 systems were set up at the base of the screen, with one console showing on the big screen above. The audience was established into 5 man teams who would compete in a multiplayer tournament on several of the new areas in Uncharted 3.

Between rounds they would raffle off prizes includingautographed posters, Uncharted 3 Collectors edition, and a limited edition Uncharted Dual Shock controller. Two artists from Naughty Dog were on hand to answer questions about the development and inspiration for the game as well. Gameplay went late into the night and ended with the premier of a new trailer for the game, which is included at the end of the above video!