We already had our knee jerk reaction to the announcement, now comes the real deal: The Powetcast reacts to the new 52. The roundtable includes Zac Shipley, Captain Genius, Sean Orange, with special guest William West.

We’ll discuss our thoughts on the revamped DC Universe, theorize why some characters start from scratch and others don’t, and begrudgingly admit we all kinda like Rob Liefeld. We’ll also talk about the books that were worth reading and the ones we’re not going to continue on with #2.

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REM – “Superman”
Flaming Lips – “Waitin’ For A Superman”
Nataly Dawn – “Superman’s Song”

Show Notes:
Good Books
Action #1 (Sean, zac)
All Star Western (cap)
Batwing (Will, Sean)
Batwoman (Sean)
Green Lantern (Sean)
Mister Terrific (Sean)
Ultimate Spider-Man (zac)
Animal Man (cap)

Bad Books
Batman and Robin (Sean, zac)
Black hawks (cap)
Birds of Prey (cap)
Justice League (cap, Sean)
Superman (cap, Sean)

? Books
Aquaman (Sean)
Batgirl (Sean, zac)
Batman (Will)
Green Arrow (zac)
Green Lantern (Will)
Green Lantern: New Guardians (Sean)
Nightwing (Sean)
Stormwatch (cap)
Suicide Squad (Will)
Superboy (Will)
Mr Terrific (Will)

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7 year-old responds