Mattel had a bunch of news of new products for its DC licensed line including DC Universe Classics, a new Young Justice line, the final year of Justice League Unlimited and a brand new Batman line.

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DC Universe Classics
Wave 17 will be the Blackest Night wave we have seen prior to Toy Fair.

Wave 18 will be a Super Powers themed line available first at Wal-Mart in Fall 2011 with a wider release thereafter.
Bronze Tiger (human head and tiger head will both be included)
Modern Capt. Boomerang
El Dorado
Black Vulcan
Apache Chief (Collect N’ Connect figure)

Crime Syndicate Wal-Mart Exclusive 5-pack
Johnny Quick
Power Ring

The DCUC Legion of Superheroes 12-pack will be available on on August 15, 2011. It will be featured and on display at SDCC later this year.

It was announced that this will be the final year for the Justice League Unlimited line.

Forthcoming 3-packs available at retail:
Future JLU (Future Static Shock, Aqua Girl, Micron)
Vandal Savage, Future Superman, Batman
Mongul, Batman, Wonder Woman

Forthcoming covention exclusive 3-packs
Firestorm, Angleman, Killer Frost
Heatwave, Flash II, Mirrorman
Gold Face, Evil Star, Kyle Raynor

Single Packs
S.T.R.I.P.E. w/ 1 human head and 1 helmet head

Wave 2 (Fall 2011 at Target)
Batman w/ Silver Batarang
Superman w/ Kryptonite Rock
Atomic Skull w/ Radiation Blast
Devil Ray w/ Energy Blast
Aquaman w/ Trident
Crimson Fox w/ Claw Gauntlets

Young Justice
6 inch scale line with display bases.
There will also be a smaller scale line 3.75″ to 4.75″ (conflicting reports)
TNI had a gallery of some of the figures here.

There will be a collect n’ connect hall of justice diorama display with some of the figures.

Batman Legacy Line
This line is to help build up excitement for the third Batman film.
Singly carded figures will be based on the comics, while 2-packs will focus on Batman Begins and Batman game figures such as characters from the upcoming Batman: Arkham City video game.

Single figures will include:
Golden Age Batman
Golden Age Joker
Mr. Freeze

2 packs will include
Arkham City Two Face and Batman
Batman Begins Proto Suite and Lt. Gordon

Most news from this post comes courtesy of TNI. For more details check out there site.

Most images from this post come from ASMzine‘s toy fair coverage. Go check out there site for plenty more photos.