It has been announced that Leonard Nimoy will be filling the voice of Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Nimoy, a cousin of Michael Bay through marriage, accepted the role saying he was “glad to be back.” Many Transformers fans remember that he lended his voice for the role of Galvatron in the 1986 animated movie The Transformers: The Movie.

Sentinel Prime is the robot that was revealed in the captain’s chair of the wrecked ship in the DOTM teaser trailer, which you can see here.

In 2008/2009, there was a fan outcry to return Leonard Nimoy to the Transformers franchise in the role of The Fallen. Director Michael Bay admitted he could not afford to hire Nimoy for a rate that would be worth the actor’s time, since voice actors even in major motion pictures are paid less than on screen counter parts.

Interestingly enough, only a year ago, Leonard Nimoy said he would retire from acting. While this isn’t the type of role he played on Star Trek or Fringe, Transformers fans will surely welcome his reversed decision to fight along side Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime against Hugo Weaving’s Megatron.

The only key role left to be filled for Dark Of The Moon is the villain Shockwave.