Thundercats had a big presence this year at Toy Fair. Bandai had a great display of its upcoming products, so here is a brief summary.

Images in this post mostly originate from ASM. Please check out their full gallery for many more photos from Toy Fair 2011.

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Items on display included the Sword of Omens with a telescoping blade and the Thunderclaw glove. Apparently in this continuity the Thunderclaw will grow with Lion-O’s skills. As he trains and becomes more experienced, the glove will grow to eventually become armor for his entire arm up to his shoulder. MSRP is about $9.99

Thunder Tank / Tower of Omens
TNI had a great video of Bandai rep explaining some of the action features on the Thunder Tank and the Tower Omens.

The Thunder Tank will come with a 4 inch scale Snarf figure and retail for about $29.99 when it comes out in Fall of 2011.
The Tower of Omens will retail for about $29.99 also.

Basic Vehicles
These are basically the bikes mentioned above and some sort of mutant vehicle called the Lizard Cannon. Both come with figures. The Thundercat bike comes with Lion-O, while the mutant vehicle comes with Slythe. I did not see Slythe available as an individual figure. I hope that is not the case. The basic vehicles have an SRP of $14.99.

The Classics figures will be 8 inch tall figures based on the original series’ characters and designs. They look like they will retail for about $16.99 a piece. Only Lion-O and Tygra have been revealed so far.

6 inch Modern Line
It looks like there will be a 6 inch collector line for the Modern interpretation of Thundercats as well. It looks like only Panthro and Lion-O were on display. These figures will have a SRP of $14.99.


4 inch basic/deluxe figures
The 4 inch line is where the bulk of the figures look to be concentrated. They have an SRP of about $7.99. It looks like the basic figures on display were:
Mumm-Ra Ever Living
Mumm-Ra with Wings
Mumm-Ra Mummy

Its interesting to note that Grune has an ‘Ancient Spirits of Evil’ logo on his chest like Mumm-ra. Also, he looks very very anime. Pretty far from his old look.

The deluxe figures shown were Tigra and Lion-O. Each comes with a base that lights up and has sounds. Deluxe figures have an SRP of $12.99.


Also, one more quick note. got a shot of the back of one of the blister cards and there is some art on there for Wily Kit, Wily Kat, Slithe and Mumm-Ra. I’m not so sure that the Lizard Cannon (basic mutant vehicle) actually comes with Slithe and not some generic lizard guy based on this character art for Slithe. Check out their site for packaging images. They got quite a few good shots. Here’s a sample.