The internet is a buzz over the newly revealed Thundercats action figures from Bandai. Photography was strictly forbidden at the event, but strangely video was not, so these stills come from someone’s video of the event. The pictures appear to have originally surfaced here. We get our first look at the new logo, new 3 3/4 inch figures, new vehicles and more. It looks like there will be both a 3 3/4 inch line and a larger 7 to 8 inch line aimed more toward collectors, similar to MOTU Classics. Only images of the smaller scale surfaced though, but I’m sure we will be seeing quite a lot more soon at New York Toy Fair. It also might be safe to say that a lot of the hype from Toy Fair will be centering around the relaunch of this franchise.

From the data sheets, it looks like product will be hitting retail around Autumn 2011. Gotta say that Thunder Tank is looking pretty good from the blurry image. The new character art isn’t bad at all either, except those sideburns on Panthro, but thats easily overlooked. Mmm…Cheetara. Yes, Cheetara evokes the same response the old always did. No word if Snarf will be snarfing it up in this series or not.