and TNI had some great write ups of the MOTU Classics announcements. I will attempt to summarize here after the jump. For more, please check out their sites.

All images in this post are from ASM. Please check out there galleries here. I only posted a very few. They have a great gallery of lots more photos. Check ’em out!

March Club Eternia Figure: King Hsss
Bonus Quarterly Figure: Battle Armor Skeletor

April Club Eternia Figure: Sy-klone
Quarterly Over-sized beast: Panthor
Bonus item (non-subscription): Weapons Rack

May Club Eternia Figure: Catra
Reissue Stratos (remaining stock of original reissue, quantity limited)

June Club Eternia Figure: The Faceless One (w/ light up havoc staff and ram stone)
Quarterly Bonus Figure: Battleground Teela (based on DC comics mini-series from 1983)


July Club Eternia Figure: Clawful

August Club Eternia Figure: Man-E-Faces (will come with a secret accessory yet to be revealed, final deco will be determined by poll)
Quarterly Over-sized Beast/Characer: Megator (will come with a secret accessory yet to be revealed)


The final Quarterly oversized beast of the year will be Swiftwind, She-Ra’s horse. A modified She-Ra figure will also go on sale the same day. The new figure will be able to mount Swiftwind and have a maskless head. The ability to mount Swiftwind means its probably a new female body.

Also the next DC vs MOTU 2 pack was announced. The multi-pack will include She-Ra vs Supergirl. Neither figure has any changes that were mentioned from what I have read.

Also reissues for Evil-Lynn, Count Marzo, Adora are on the horizon as well.

Thats about it for MOTU Classics news.