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Archive for February 3rd, 2011

Challenge of the Gobots TV Series coming to DVD

TVShowsonDVD is reporting that the tv series Challenge of the Gobots is being worked on as a future release from the Warner Archive group. According to the site, a fan named Nick Simmons asked some pretty direct questions on the Warner Archive Collection (WAC) fan page on Facebook. Here is what was said:

Nick – Do you own the rights to Hanna-Barbera’s Challenge of the GoBots cartoon series or its movie GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords? I’d really like to see both on DVD some day.
WAC – The GoBots are heading your way soon!
Nick – Sweet, both the series and the movie then?
WAC – At this point, just the series…..

So why is this significant? This is the main series that went head to head with Hasbro’s Transformers in the 80’s. While Transformers was first with their Marvel comic, GoBots managed to premiere its animated series before the Transformers. Several years ago Hasbro acquired Tonka, the company who brought Bandai’s Machine Robo toys stateside and developed the line into the GoBots brand. It was believed that acquisition included the rights to the animated series, but in recent times that has been brought into question with the possibility that Warner Bros. might actually own those rights since they acquired Hanna-Barbera, the animation house who developed the cartoon itself. No details regarding time frame, pricing or really anything else are known, but the news is sure to please fans.

Botcon 2011 Exclusive Animated Stunticon Breakdown Revealed

Here he is, making his fourth Botcon exclusive appearance. Breakdown uses the Animated Rodimus mold with a newly retooled head. I’m hoping we get a G2 version in a souvenir set or attendee exclusive!


First Look at Bucky in Captain America Movie

First Look at Bucky in Captain America Movie

The LA Times’ Hero Complex blog has posted the first photo of Bucky from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie, played by Sebastian Stan. They have also posted an interview with director Joe Johnston who discusses how Bucky in the movie isn’t a younger sidekick to Captain America like in the comics, but instead is the same age and is a much darker character.

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