It seems we have some sad news on our hands from the Allspark News Staff. After inquiring about the release of the Challenge at Cybertron set, the Hasbro PR team finally came back with a response from the Transformers product team. This set will not be coming out in the United States and that it is an Asian market exclusive.

We’ve confirmed that the item in question is exclusive to the Asia market – not the U.S. Sorry for any confusion.

This set features Universe/Classics/Generations Hot Rod, Galvatron and Cyclonus with anime inspired color schemes and was believed to be coming state-side as a Target exclusive. It seems that is debunked…for now. It is not uncommon for PR teams to flat out deny a product’s release until such a time as they are prepared to make that announcement. Universe Powerglide is the most prominent example I can think of, where we were told a Japanese store exclusive repaint would not be coming here, but eventually did over a much longer period of time.