Holy shit did you see this?

Mother of fuck that was an awesome explosion! Brains EVERYWHERE.

Oh jesus here is a power planet exploding…


explosion1Explosions are incredible. You think about how important the discovery of fire was to human evolution; now consider the day we discovered that we can make fire shoot straight up in the air and destroy the living shit out of anything. This is pretty significant because its the day man learned that he doesn’t have to take shit from anyone if he had explosives.

Honestly, take a look at the world in the last 70 years. Since the US of Fuckin’ A dropped the bomb, its all a country can do to make more bombs to explode the crap out of anyone else. Its SICK!

I mean I guess explosions are bad too. A lot of times they kill innocent people and no one likes a war. I mean, fighting over our differences is really dumb when we can share a love of raining fire and ash on shit.

Which is why its really cool to have explosions in movies and video games and shit.

Lots of games have explosions, shit even Mario detonates the castle once in a while, but there is this whole subculture of bros who make virtual crap explode in Halo 3.

Michael Bay is a movie director who takes a lot of shit for putting mostly explosions in his movies.

His last movie may have been little more than 2 hours of explosions, but it also made eight hundred fucking million in ticket sales so you tell me whats more important: story or explosions?
If I want a story I’ll read a goddamn Hardy Boys book, but if I’m going to slap down $11.50 US and then another $6 for a fucking Sprite, I’m going to want to see as much fire and dynamite as possible on every inch of the screen.

DeathstarLots of assholes like Star Wars, and whats the best part of that crap movie? The light sabers? The goofy robot? The mystical fantasy about a boy becoming a man in absence of a father?
No! Its the part where the guy who played the Joker with the bowl cut shoots a hole and makes the Death Star EXPLODE. Seriously sweet.

Of course, Cool Guys never look at explosions.

I think explosions may be the best fucking thing ever. Better than Unicorns.

Of course, if I could make Unicorns explode…. OH SHIT!!!!