Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

Here is something you should know, a horse is the most majestic and beautiful creature in the world. So it stands to reason that a horse with a damn horn coming out of its head would be totally amazing and sweet.

And that’s what a UNICORN is.

God didn’t make UNICORNS for us. He made them for himself, which is why you never really see them. Here is a UNICORN just outside the kingdom of heaven (artist interpretation) because even heaven is not good enough for a UNICORN.

Unicorns also perform amazing feats, such as space travel, Olympic level fencing, and advanced architecture. These two Unicorns built Stonehenge.

Who built it? Mystery solved. I can’t find any unicorns building pyramids on google image search, but I’ll bet my imaginary beautiful ivory horn that a team of Unicorns did it.

Unicorns also provide valuable citizen protection. They stampede anyone who breaks the law and will rescue kittens from burning buildings. THey have absolutely no fear. They’re so strong, so much stronger than a horse. The power comes from the horn. This unicorn can lift ROBOCOP.

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me… and my unicorn.”

And thats just a glimpse of the cyborg unicorn future to come. This Gundam is riding a “mobile horse” but the tell tale horn suggests its actually a mobile unicorn!

There is a unicorn transformer too, but its just a robot that looks like a unicorn, not a real unicorn.

Speaking of not real unicorns…

This is not a unicorn. This is a Pegasus, with a plastic horn. He’s a fake and should be shot. Unicorns don’t have wings and don’t need wings. Fuck you, Pegasus.

Unicorns are everything great and nothing bad. If a unicorn were your father you’d be a unicorn too and wouldn’t need to read about this because you’d know in your heart its the truth. If that terrorist douche in modern warfare 2 was a unicorn, you’d throw your control down because not only would you be unable to compete with his majesty, you’d know he is right and join his side.

Yes we can, UNICORN. YES WE CAN.