The Four Horsemen have really brought a great showing to SDCC 2010 with prototypes of their Symbiotech line, Outer Space Men line, and more. They have a beautiful art print for sale showcasing many of their long time properties that have appeared in their annual FANtastic Exclusive polls. The print is on sale at their booth and their online store, It was done by FANEx member, Baena, who has done other art commissions for the 4H properties. Click the image above to see the full poster in all its glory!


Action Figure Insider snapped this great picture of the Symbiotech prototypes on display including a brand new pair called Bipedix and Bipedon on the right. Guanos and Sonos are on the left. If you look at the top middle of the picture, you will see an unpainted prototype. Look closer and you will note that is Tygos riding in some form of vehicle made of Tygolith’s armor! Now, thats pretty darn cool!

[UPDATE – Crazy] I want to point out the gallery over at Michael Crawford’s site. It has some fantastic pictures of what the Horsemen had on display including the Tygos riding the combined parts vehicle from Tygolith. That can be seen here.