This year I wanted to wait until each of the figures in this year’s set had been revealed to do this post. The last figure has finally been unveiled, so here are your Botcon 2010 Convention Exclusives!

All pictures and descriptions can be found after the jump.

The exclusives this year are featuring a Generation 2 theme. Though, Sky-byte doesn’t really fit that theme very well.

sparkALTsm sparkBOTsm

First up is Spark. A repaint of Transformers Universe Inferno. The original Spark was a European Obliterator, which was just a re-release of Pyro. Pyro/Spark was never released domestically in the United States as far as I am aware. Spark was part of Generation 2. Pyro was not, though he did use a G2 faction symbol. That is to say he came in G1 packaging.

G1 Pyro...or G2 Spark?

G1 Pyro...or G2 Spark?

Second is G2 Breakdown. It is only appropriate for a G2 Botcon set to have Breakdown in it. The first Botcon convention exclusive was G2 Breakdown in 1994.

bc94toybf bc94toyff

And in 2004, for the 10 year anniversary of Botcon, G2 Breakdown was used again, but in Actionmaster form.

bc04toyf bc04toyi

Here is the G2 Breakdown for 2010 using the Classics Sunstreaker mold with a retooled head. I must admit that new head looks fantastic. Note his license plate, ‘BCFW94’ – Botcon Fort Wayne 1994.

breakdownALTsm breakdownBOTsm

Third revealed is Streetstar. Streetstar is an interesting figure. He almost exactly matches the color scheme of the unreleased G2 Streetwise, however his name Streetstar is actually from same mold used for the combiner limb in Guard City from the Japanese “Operation Combination”.

streetwiseALTsm streetwiseBOTsm

Next is Clench. Not to be confused with the Mini-con that came with Armada Galvatron, the original Clench was a European Obliterator, much like Spark. He wore the G2 faction symbol, but came packaged in G1 packaging. He was never released domestically in the U.S. as far as I am aware. You can see more about him here. I think they did a nice job with the new head on this exclusive. Its a little more embellished than the original, but I think in this case the changes work and look better than the original. If anyone reads the IDW comics, you will recognize Clench as the leader of the underground fighting ring from Megatron: Origins, in which, the refugee miners including Megatron participated.

clenchALTsm clenchBOTsm

Clench is funny because Streetstar’s images were reported earlier than the official announcement because someone got creative with a trial and error url search for the images (which I’m pretty sure every news site has tried already). When Streetstar was officially announced the name was a surprise because the images had the name Streetwise in the filename. Before Clench was revealed, a similar process was used to guess the file names, but the folks at Botcon went one step further and actually posted fake photoshopped images of a different figure with the expected color scheme under the expected file name. When Clench was officially revealed, it turned out to be a completely different mold and Pete@Botcon had the last laugh. Being someone who did not report this false information (like, I found this all very hilarious.

This is not the Clench you are looking for.

This is not the Clench you are looking for.

And finally Sky-byte. Sky-byte doesn’t really fit well in this set. He’s not from Generation 2, but Robots In Disguise instead. He also lacks the garrish and fluorescent color scheme of a Generation 2 figure/character. He uses the Energon Sharkticon mold with a retooled head. This figure looks great and has been a long time coming, but probably should have been tabled for a future set. Some more G2 Stunticons would have been very welcome.

skybyteALTsm skybyteBOTsm

Images surfaced recently here, that show what could be a convention exclusive souvenir figure, Sharkticon Gnaw using the same mold as Sky-Byte with a G1 sharkticon inspired color scheme. It is expected that this will be offered as set of two or three as a troop builder set similar to the Sweeps from the 2009 convention.

botcon_gnaw_alt botcon_gnaw_bot

Its anyone’s guess what the rest of the figures will be, but I have a hunch we may see more reuses of the Classics Prowl/Smokescreen mold. In the meantime, here are some images of the box art.

BC10boxangleSM BotCon2010Box