Hell Yeah!

Show Notes after the jump!

Autobot Whirl vs Bludgeon 2-pack Bio:

For the first time on Earth, two masters of the ultimate fighting art – Metallikato – face off in a battle to the very end. Wielding ancient blades, handed down through generations of warriors, Autobot Whirl and Decepticon Bludgeon circle one another, every sensor alert for the slightest opening. Though they move slowly and deliberately now, once they strike, the battle will be far too fast for the human eye to see. It will be decided in a matter of microseconds by flashing blades powered by centuries of training.

Decepticon Bludgeon (Voyager Class) Bio:

Decepticon Bludgeon was nearly destroyed by a fight with the Metallikato master Autobot Whirl. Forced to retreat and hide, he scanned a new vehicle mode and disappeared in to the Southeast Asian Jungle. He is desperate to prove himself against an Autobot, however, so he has caused just enough chaos locally to attract the attention of Ironhide. Now he lies in wait for the Autobot, ready to spring his trap and destroy his victim in an instant.

Side note: When pushing the torso down to the hips during the transformation, make sure it clicks, locking in place. That was an issue during the video that I didn’t realize until part way through.

Many of the images shown during the video came from this site on Bludgeon.