Halo: Reach Multiplayer begins May 3. Its going to be big. Bungie estimates over 3,000,000 players will join in the fun. But more than fun, its serious business and the fact that we get a taste of the game is secondary to the object of the test. Bungie wants us to break the game, find flaws, and give feedback so they can improve the final product this fall. I remember the Beta for Halo 3, the covenant Carbine was a death machine, and was scaled back for the final release. To this day, I still pick up that rifle in a heated battle and wish it made my R trigger the win button it was back in Spring of 2007. With jet packs, invisibility, grenade launches, and super fast Elites, theres a lot of new stuff to exploit!

You can access the multiplayer madness shown in the video above via the Halo 3: ODST campaign disc’s “extras” menu.

If you want to know more about the final product, know that you’ll have to get your wallet ready for the Legendary Edition. Halo 3’s most deluxe package was all wrapped up in a replica Spartan Mark VI helmet. Reach will be incased with a 10 inch McFarlane Toys produced statue of the Spartans of Halo: Reach. Noble Team will bring with them an art book, and downloads for a flaming Spartan head for multiplayer, new armor for an Elite, and probably other non disclosed items like a documentary. This will knock you back $149.99 US.

The Limited Edition is $79.99 Still gets you the book and the Elite armor, and its a bit more reasonably priced. Standard gets you the full game in a colorful green Xbox 360 game case with glossy paper insert. Images below.

reach1 reach2 reach3 reachelite reachflaming

Are you playing the Beta? Are you going to run out and pre-order Legendary? Comment today!