This past weekend, those that braved the theatrical remake of Friday The 13th got a peak at the full 2 minute teaser for the anticipated Tranformers sequel. Now Yahoo has the video online for view in High Definition.

Also at the Chicago Auto Show, Director Michael Bay delivered an additional 90 second video focused on the Chevy Autobots.

Get the cast lists for both videos after the jump

Revenge of The Fallen Teaser
0:12 – 0:48 Various entry mode Transformers from space. Likely Decepticon forces invading.
0:52 The Audi R8 Decepticon Sideways
0:55 Unknown trio of bots, the lead one is pink and could be Arcee.
1:02 Demolisher transforms and attacks. He is one of the six Constructicons to be featured in the movie.
1:12 Sam warns his father, Mikeala cowers in fear.
1:18 Unknown insect robot. Insecticon?
1:26 Sam is pinned by a very familiar looking hand.
1:29 Bumblebee triumphantly returns to destroy Rob Witwicky’s yard.
1:33 Scorponok is back! But who is he diving toward?
1:34 Ravage, one of Soundwave’s minions.
1:36 Optimus Prime take a punch
1:38 The Fallen teleports in and knocks the army off their feet.
1:40 Demolisher hate helicopters more than Bonecrusher hated buses.
1:47 Optimus Prime rolls into battle, tackling Demolisher, who towers over the 36foot Prime.

GM Promo video
Silver Corvette Stingray – Sideswipe
Orange Chevy Trax – Mudflap
Green Chevy Spark – Skids
Purple Chevy Volt – Jolt
Yellow Camaro – Bumblebee
Black GMC pickup – Ironhide
Peterbilt Truck – Optimus Prime