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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy POWETcast Episode 1 – Fit the First
Episode 2 – Fit the Second
Episode 3 – Fit the Third
Episode 4 – Fit the Fourth
Episode 5 – Zaphod
Episode 6 – Fit the Fifth
Episode 7 – Fit the Sixth
Episode 8 – Secondary Phase
Episode 9 – Trillian
Episode 10 – Fit the First Prototype

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(I hope everyone had a happy Towel Day!)

This is it! Our last episode… of original content. The Not Them Crew provided us with their prototype version of Fit the First with just Keith, Colin, and Tom. They play drastically different roles than in the final version, but it’s a neat insight into the creative process.

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Show notes:

One of the things we haven’t been able to address until now regards the format of the netcast itself. Not everyone was thrilled by the commentary sections, or at least would have preferred we held off until after each Fit had played through. We can’t change what happened, but we will do something for those who want “pure” versions of these performances: Fits 1-6 — sans commentary — will be re-netcasted as Episodes 11-16.

Also, we won’t be putting up any more show notes, since all that was covered in the first ten episodes — and had more to do with the commentary besides. Feel free to subscribe to the netcast using a feed reader of your choice, or download new episodes from the feed itself at http://feeds.thatsorange.com/h2g2-powetcast/. If you depend on these weekly posts to get new episodes, we can do quick little blurbs with episode links if ya’ll like. Comment and let us know how you want it!

Thanks again to everyone who has been listening so far. If you’re coming to this show well after its completion, we also hope that you enjoyed yourselves, listeners of the future!

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Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 1 – Fit the First
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 2 – Fit the Second
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 3 – Fit the Third
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 4 – Fit the Fourth
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 5 – Zaphod
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 6 – Fit the Fifth
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 7 – Fit the Sixth
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 8 – Secondary Phase
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 9 – Trillian
Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 10 – Fit the First Prototype