Its been years since Marvel Vs Capcom hit arcades, and its still one of the most popular fighters with both casual players and tournament pros. But Capcom doesn’t hold the Marvel license anymore so re-releases and sequels aren’t happening any time soon.
To tap into this audience, Midway is going to announce shortly what heard back in September, that Mortal Kombat is going to be taking on the DC Universe. has been running blurry images trying to hype things up for a big reveal, but Mortal Kombat Online has spoiled the whole thing with this:
Sub-Zero vs Batman.
Since this is still not fully announced, details are scarce; but one rumor persists: No fatalities, little blood. Last week on’s 1up Yours podcast, Shane Bettenhausen said the next MK would be rated T, and this move is consistent with that thought. We’ll keep an eye out for a full press release soon.
The official website is up and I’ve added the trailer at the top. See also Gamespot’s interview with Ed Boon. Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe is due fall 2008.