gow2.jpg2005’s God of War set a new standard for action gaming. It bought Greek mythology to video games, included some clever play mechanics, and it was embraced by fans and critics alike. Last spring, Sony released a sequel which raised the standard which was set by the previous game. Players once again take control of Kratos as he sets out to take revenge on the gods who betrayed him. Kratos must travel to meet the Sisters of Fate and gain the power to alter his destiny. It won’t be easy, as you’ll run into gorgons, harpies, sirens, and other mythological monsters. You’ll also run into (and kill) famous mythological figures such as Perseus and Theseus. As in the first game, you’ll gain several upgradable weapons and magic spells. As you increase their levels, you’ll gain new abilities which you can use to destroy your opponents. The timed-button-press minigames also make a return, making sure that you keep your hands on the controller at all times, even during cinema sequences. The game is a bit shorter than the first one, but a host of unlockables will keep players busy for a very long time, at least until the next installment of the series arrives on PS3. For more Kratos fun, check out God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP.