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Episode 1 – Fit the First (direct link)

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Welcome to Powet.TV’s first audio netcast!

Part of the Powet Presents series, this weekly netcast will include all six episodes (called “fits”) of the Primary Phase of the BBC Radio version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, produced by Not Them Productions. At the top of every episode, we talk to the show’s producers, audio talent, and/or voice actors about the challenges and stories relating to this fan production. The discussion also includes explanations of the differences BBC Radio show and other versions of this story — including five novels, a TV miniseries, and a Disney feature film — as well as the changes the Not Them producers made to the radio scripts in order to keep them more in line with these versions.

But enough about that. Enjoy Episode 1 – Fit the First!, iTunes Chicklet check out our iTunes store, or  subscribe to our netcast feed in your favorite reader! And be sure to come back here and tell us what you thought!

Show notes:

The BBC Radio version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide is the original version of the story, and so there are many differences between it and later iterations. In general this just means that some lines are said by different characters, said differently, or omitted altogether. On such passage that was omitted from later versions was the speech of Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton, finally sending the bulldozer to do its job after Arthur tricks Mr. Prosser into not knocking down his home while he slips down to the pub. There are more severe differences later on, but nothing terribly unfamiliar. One thing can be said with absolute certainty — because of this, there will be no towel reference for the entire course of the Primary Phase. We dutifully apologize to all long-time Hitchhiker fans.

We’ll be using the show notes to elaborate about anything we talked about during the show, or cover anything we forgot to record.

Because this netcast covers existing material, it will be a limited run, but we plan to produce additional episodes talking with the production team, possibly including behind-the-scenes looks at the recording process. Hilarity will ensue.

If you really don’t want to listen to any of the interviews, the Fit the First starts at 08:35.


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Hitchhiker’s Guide POWETcast Episode 1 – Fit the First