Shock and awe has gripped the Nintendo DS and Transformers fans alike as they new licensed game based on the 2007 Transformers movie is blowing away expectations. Our friend Tigerpaw elaborates:

My initial impressions on these games? Good with a capital G. The graphics are great. The FMV intro is amazing and the in game graphics are well-rendered and amazingly well detailed. Audio is top notch too, with all the character voice overs you could possibly want. Gameplay is solid along with solid controls. Players will have a blast stomping and racing all over the 3D environment. I’m not really far enough in to comment on the story but it’s looking pretty good so far. While it’s a really cool single player game, I think it may shine even more in multiplayer, where some great melee battles are sure to be had. Big thumbs up.

More poweteers chime in on our forums! This is great news for those of us awaiting the console releases this week.