Nintendo Power #1

IGN’s Matt Casamassina posted a rumor stating Nintendo may cease producing the publication known as Nintendo Power by September, 2007. If the rumor turns out to be founded, it would mark the next step in what looks to be a massive restructuring of Nintendo’s internal teams. Last week Nintendo announced that the bulk of its Advertising and Marketing Departments would be moving to either New York or San Fransisco.

Sources close to IGN state that massive layoffs are currently taking place and that other employees have been told to begin looking for other employment.

“Nintendo Power” has been Nintendo’s official internal publication since 1988, and despite its reputation of being a propaganda instrument, the magazine recently went through a major retooling and became quite level-handed.

Check out the initial report here

I, for one, will be sad to see the mag go the way of the dodo. They offered decent swag from time to time and has remained a staple among the Nintendo faithful for almost 20 years.