May 5th, 2007
May 5th, 2007 marks the sixth time the comic book industry will come together to celebrate the spirit of specialty Comic Book Shops around the world. The titles being given away this year are extremely solid and include selections from every major comic publisher, as well as a number of issues from smaller, independent artists. The sheer number of styles and genres available may make choosing individual comics incredibly difficult. Transformers the Movie Prequel # 1, Amazing Spider-Man Swing Shift, and Justice League of America # 0 are just a few of the almost 30 titles that will be available, so remember to call your local shop and ask if they will be participating in this year’s festivities.

Check out the “Free Comic Book Day” website here

Full list of “Free Comic Book Day” titles

The modern day comic book is one of the few original American art forms. They have been a mainstay of popular culture for close to 70 years, and the lifeblood of the industry is still the neighborhood specialty shop. Show support for your favorite shop by stopping in this Saturday and picking up a free book, (and buying another for yourself).

This reminder brought to you by your Friendly Neighborhood Bloggerman! ‘Nuff said!