Masterpiece Seeker Line Art

A thread posted in the TFW2005 forums has an image posted of what appears to be a super low quality scan of a Japanese magazine. The very top line of the image says MP6 with some Japanese to the right of it. I happen to have a little bit of Japanese from college still left in me and I can tell you it says “Masterpiece Skywarp” next to the MP6. Trying to get any details out of the pictures is like watching scribble porn on old tv though, so no real details or confirmations on this yet. I would very much look forward to having Skywarp added to my Masterpiece collection.

Amusingly, the TFW2005 writeup of the article misspelled Masterpiece as Masterprice. I cannot think of a more appropriate typo.

I have mirrored the image below.

MP06 Masterpiece Skywarp teaser