I’ve done a fair amount of trying to debunk this one. It keeps coming up at forums and I keep saying “No guys, this is just an early April Fools” because frankly we’ve heard this talk before.

Official Nintendo Magazine (which is the like the Nintendo Power for England) published this teaser on the last page of their April issue. The image of the stars could easily imply a lot of things, but the most direct conclusion was an update of the Sega Saturn game NiGHTS Into Dreams. Many blogs ran this image as truth, many ran it as rumor, and most ran it as a joke. I, on the other hand, wasn’t going to run it at all until we had better evidence.

Now we’ve got some. Chandra from ONM has come out and said “This is not April Fool” but also won’t confirm what it actually is becuase, hey, they still want you to talk and buy the mag when it comes out.

So with a new NiGHTS game coming further into the realm of reality we have to deal with the next big hurdle… the fact that Sonic Team hasn’t made a good game in several years.