Minimates are pretty hot lately and have announced quite a few new licenses that they have acquired. While all is well and good with expansion, we still appreciate that the current licenses are still getting their just attention. Battlestar Galactica is one license that got off to a very awkward start after DST and Art Asylum has some sort of…well, I’m not even sure what to call it, but the original plans for the first few waves were scrapped and DST set our expectations anew (and a little lower. We still want our Minimate Vipers and Raiders, DST!).

According to Minimate HQ, series 3 of the BSG Minimates was revealed in some promotional material at NYCC. The wave includes Kara Thrace & Lee Adama, D’Anna Biers & Sharon Valeri, Helo & Deck Chief Tyroll, and Helo & Tyroll (Chase). I’m sure Grace Park will be excited to see her likeness in a new mold. You can check out a full picture of the entire wave below.

Minimates BSG Wave 3