crackdownh3.jpg…Not in the literal sense, but for those who want in on the ‘Halo 3’ Beta, you may be required to buy ‘Crackdown’. A bad move on Microsoft’s behalf? No. A cheap one? Yes.

The generic-looking GTA-clone from Microsoft and thedeveloper “Real Time Worlds” (Formerly”DMA Designs”) and lead designer David Jones is set to hit stores on February 20th. In the newest issue of Gamepro Magazine an ad is featured for the game which reads “Includes Invitation to Halo 3 Beta” and cites it as a “Limited Time Offer”.

So does this mean that the only rock-solid way of getting into the Beta is by buying ‘Crackdown’? Maybe, but I’ll personally wait for Frankie’s official word (should there be one) in his updates on I doubt theinitial registration was for nothing and this will make people run out and buy ‘Crackdown’ faster then you can say “Zone of the Enders With Special Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo”.Frankie is pretty good for telling it like it is, so I’ll wait for his word before I put any money down on “Crackdown”. This does however give us a good idea as to WHEN the Halo 3 Beta is supposed to launch other then “Spring 2007”.

Source: Joystiq