xbljackass.jpgMicrosoft’s online service will celebrate is One-Year anniversary with a massive addition of new media. Starting on November 22, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use Live Marketplace for more than just horse armor or fake money. TV Shows from Adult Swim, MTV, and CBS will be available to purchase and download and new HD movies like Superman Returns, V for Vendetta, and Jackass will be available to rent. This follows a year of very successful offerings for game and movie trailers, as well as original content like exclusive Red vs. Blue clips.

Theres still an awfull lot of people out there with HD TVs with no cable or satellite feed. This fills a content gap for sure. The only worry is the Xbox 360‘s hard drive. 20GB seemed like more than enough when we were talking about game saves, some music, and a few demos. How long until Microsoft unleashes the 100 GB Hard Drive.?

Full details are available on Xbox.com