Marvel LegendsA while ago I posted a note saying that Toy Biz was cancelling distribution overseas of the rest of their product lines for the year. It seems this is not as true as it first appeared. Jesse Falcon of Toy Biz addressed the question in a Q&A thread on, the same site that I first got the news from.

Key quote from the thread:

I understand that Toy Biz has decided not to ship out the newer ML series’ to overseas, and that this is due to the licensing agreement, and that Hasbro’s “time” begins from the start of January next year. However, you’ve also mentioned before that there’s a “grace period” of sorts (ie those toys don’t have to be taken off the shelves immediately after the end of december 06). So, by that reasoning why isn’t the newer ML series’ going to reach us overseas collectors and consumers? A shame, too- seeing that Christmas is coming up and all that.
– not true they will be released but in smaller numbers.

Good news to Marvel fans around the world!