Burger KingBurger King will be offering 4$ X-Box and X-Box 360 games along with their value meals according to Gamespot. There will be 3 games which will be total Burger King propaganda featuring none other than the extremely creepy Burger King driving bumper cars, racing bikes and most disturbingly of all sneaking around and force feeding people Burger King food.
Sneaky Burger King
As if the King wasn’t a bone chilling enough character that I would put on par with your average clown when it comes to creepiness but now to top it off he wants to assault my colon by force feeding me those horrible Burgers?

Bump!I think this promotion is a great idea except that I don’t have an X-Box and I don’t get Burger King promotional items since the gut wrenching Pokemon promo of 1999. These issues shouldn’t affect most people…

As cheap and propagandaish as this may seem we’re still talking about what is essentially a 4$ game. Under 10$ including the meal. It’s hard to beat that.

Thanks to spooie for the heads up