Anime Jungle has pre-orders for 2007 calendars up and I stumbled upon one for the new Animal Crossing movie that’s set to be released in Japan on December 12th. last reported on this movie in July when a few characters had been revealed through their official site.

A look at this better but still low res picture of the cover courtesy of Yes Asia reveals some new characters:

Animal Crossing movie calendar poster

Rakusuke plush from the Animal Crossing movieAmong some already introduced characters we see the inclusion of K.K., Mr. Resetti, a Penguin who appears to be Hopper, and some kind of otter fisherman character who I believe is new to the movie. A look at other items available on both Yes Asia and Amazon Japan show that there is a plushie for this weird fishing character, named Rakosuke, due out in the next month.

Not much seems to have been going on at the official site but there is an unupdated blog which tells us nothing we don’t already know that you can check out if you really want to see something.

Stay tuned to Powet to get every tiny detail we can find out about this movie as it becomes available.