Playstation 3Playsyde has made available Sony’s first Playstation 3 commercial which is intended for a European audience.

A lower resolution streaming version is available for the impatient You Tubers out there and a 1280×720 high quality downloadeable version is also available for those that want to see some guy punching a bag and jumping around a ring in high definition and then seeing a few short seconds of some lame first person shooter in a quality that’s comparable to what the rich elite of Europe will see on that system sometime in 2007.

Some loser boxingThe commercial rings in at a ridiculous 3 minutes and 20 seconds with about 12 seconds of actual footage tagged on at the end. Most of it is just some guy training and boxing with a voice over going on about how revolutionary this beast is supposed to be. Unless there’s an ultra realistic boxing training simulation game I haven’t heard about I’m not very impressed.

This is living ... ?This is living?

Thanks to TVPro for the heads up.